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Hypnosis is a state of physical and mental relaxation. As your mind relaxes you are responsive to positive and beneficial messages that can be accepted by the subconscious mind, replacing negative messages stored there. Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. With Hypnosis, we can create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well-being. Learn how to apply," the secret," or "the law of attraction" by discovering the power of your unconscious mind.  Hypnosis can help you:
  •  Rid yourself of undesirable habits
  •  Quit Smoking
  •  Control weight
  •  Improve memory, concentration, and study habits,
  •  Improve self-confidence and abilities
  •  Improve communication between the conscious and subconscious minds.
  •  Improve relaxation and reduce the harmful effects of stress.
  •  Reduce or eliminate pain with proper medical attention
  •  Enhance physical and emotional healing
  •  Overcome fears 
  •  Prepare for childbirth
  • Sleep better

If you have never undergone hypnosis before you may have heard many myths about what it is and how works. Actually it is quite simple. It is a way of entering a very relaxed state whereby your memory is enhanced and the limits and constraints of the logical, conscious mind can be bypassed. In this state it is easier to call up images and symbols, just like we do when we’re dreaming. In hypnosis, however, you are not "asleep." Other than being very relaxed, you remain aware and conscious of what is going on around you, while also being able to focus on inner images and feelings more completely. For those who meditate, it feels familiar to a meditative state. You do not "give up control" to the therapist, in fact you give feedback and remain in control of the session at all times. And although the therapist can give you positive suggestions to help you in your normal conscious life, (for example, when hypnosis is used to stop smoking, or lose weight), no one can "program" you to do something that goes against your desires or beliefs.

Hypnosis can help improve one's self in any area of life.

Cost: Hypnotherapy session is $90 Additional Session $80 Three sessions $225    

To Schedule your session please call Cheryl at 774-810-0046 or email Cheryl@divineangelicblessings.com

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