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Divine Angelic Blessings -

Psychic Fair

Cheryl Ceurvels is a holistic health practitioner who believes in the power of the mind to attract physical and emotional well-being. She is an Angel Messenger Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and practices Reiki, Crystal Energy and Integrated Energy Therapy. Her mission is to bring the message of natural healing to others and provide an encouraging environment for the body, mind and spirit to heal  and prosper. This philosopy  is incorporated into her work through her readings. Angel Readings and Psychometry (the reading of an object such as jewelry or a photograph). Her readings can bring you peace, clarity, and healing in the present moment through spiritual guidance, insight into a decision you need to make, or encouragement to follow your heart’s desire and dreams. Cheryl uses angel and oracle cards to validate messages from spirit and loved ones who have passed on.

Dorothy Blickens -An Environmental Scientist for twenty years, Dorothy pursued her passion for Complementary Medicine in New Zealand and Hawaii.  Dorothy is a graduate of the Advanced Clairvoyant Program of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii located in Kealakekua on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She has been a meditation and clairvoyant student of the Clairvoyant Center for over fifteen years.  Dorothy holds two Massage Therapy Licenses one in Hawaii and one in Massachusetts.  Her Diploma in Therapeutic Massage was awarded by the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in Christchurch in 2008 where she also worked as a professional therapist.  Dorothy is also a certified practitioner in Reiki and Reflexology.  You have all your answers within you.  A Clairvoyant Reading is a spiritual “hello” and communication to you, the spirit, about where you are on your unique path in life and how you are using your energy in and around your body.  This type of spiritual “hello” is offered in the spirit of amusement which brings about awareness, validation,  revelations and the ability to begin healing.  Amusement is what allows energies to move more easily and in grace with the body.  A full session consists of three parts: a  Rose Reading, an Aura Reading, and time for one or two questions.  As you receive a reading, you may feel shifts of energy and emotion, you are healing yourself!  

Maureen (Moe) Curtis

Maureen of Lily's Legacy has been fascinated by Spirit since she was a young girl. "Spirit is learning and sharing and serving with love." Maureen is a medium and works tandemly with spirit using cards, numbers, colors and modalities !! Spirit directs who comes through. Maureen works intuitively with spirit and guides to help bring forth messages of healing and love.!  She uses cards as well to validate what spirit wants to focus on for your greatest good.

Sue Ferro

Sue is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She was educated and trained under Master Reiki Teacher Nancy Gratta. She has successfully completed one year training and over 300 hours of volunteer community Reiki. Sue is a certified Angel Card Reader and through her readings she is able to provide you with information and tools to help you on your journey. "I open my heart to the Divine oneness of God, Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Spirit allowing the highest truth and guidance to come through in order to serve your highest and best."

Carol Lee 

Services: Tarot Readings, Psychometry, Astrology, Palmistry, Past Life Readings, MediumshipBio: Since I was a little girl I knew things. I felt connected to spirit and universe. I didn’t know how to identify with what was going on until later years. I thought everyone intuited and knew these things. I was always exploring and delving into new knowledge and new experiences on my life’s journey. I have worked professionally in the psychic field since 1985. My experience has included tarot card readings, readings using playing cards, palm readings, past-life readings, psychometry, mediumship, and astrology. I strive for both an accurate and compassionate reading and to leave you with hope and an uplifting feeling. I am a certified Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher. I have facilitated workshops with a team in the late 70’s and early 80’s of a spiritual nature. I have taught tarot card classes. My aim is to
                                                  help and inspire people with their choices and
                                                  lifes path.

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